Master recalls His Scary Experience

January 14, 2016 | 12:13 PM | 3 Views
Sachin Tendulkar recalls His near death experience niharonline

Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar recounted a near death experience while crossing the tracks in his childhood during the launch of Government Railway Police’s (GRP) SAMEEP and B-Safe campaign on Wednesday.

“Owing to an early morning practice session once, I had gone for a sleepover at my friend’s place in Vile Parle. The next morning, since we were getting late we decided to cross the tracks with our cricket kits. There were trains all around us and it was scary out there with those heavy bags. Don’t cross the tracks. To say fit take a foot overbridge to go another platform,” he said.

While launching the awareness campaigns, Mr Tendulkar appealed to commuters to avoid trespassing and endangering their life. "Your family and friends are waiting for you back home and if you reach there five minutes later it really does not matter. It is important to be there, safe and sound, rather than be in a hospital. I will request: do not sit on the train roof and travel if the train is crowded. Everyone is hard pressed for time, but still (I ask you), leave that train, be patient and do not break rules," Tendulkar added.

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