Hopes for Productive Second Budget Session

April 25, 2016 | 02:47 PM | 2 Views
Hopes for Productive Second Budget Session Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday appealed to the political leadership of the country, including those from the opposition, to make the second half of the budget session of parliament as productive as the first.

"We hope that all parties will cooperate in making second part of budget session a success as well. I am confident that we will make good decisions in this session of the Parliament," Prime Minister Modi said.

Expressing confidence about the session coming out with good decisions, he said, "The first part of the budget session of Parliament was very productive. All the political parties made efforts for the proper functioning of the Parliament. Many important decisions took place in the first part of the session."

The session is set to be a stormy one with the opposition closing ranks to raise the issue of Presidents' rule in Uttarakhand.

The government, on its part, has listed a heavy agenda for the session, including the passage of 13 bills in the Lok Sabha and 11 in the Rajya Sabha.

Discussion on demands for grants of various ministries, consideration and passing of the Railways Appropriation and Finance Bills along with GST, Factories, Compensatory Afforestation and Enemy Property Bills are the main agenda of the session.

The session will continue till May 13. Last month, the budget session of Parliament was prorogued to facilitate the promulgation of an ordinance to meet the financial requirements of centrally-ruled Uttarakhand.

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