Modi's Popularity Ratings Still Intact

April 07, 2016 | 05:23 PM | 2 Views

Prime Minister Narendra Modi still holds sway over members of his core constituency -the urban salaried, especially those living in India's seven biggest cities.

                The government's overall approval ratings are still running high almost two years after the Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) swept to power at the head of a robust majority, according to the findings of an Economic Times-TNS survey. That's despite getting caught up in various controversies and the failure to make progress on key elements of its reform agenda.

The government has an overall approval rating of 86% on economic performance, while 62% say that it has delivered on job creation and 58% expect the future to be better. In other words, they still believe that `achhe din aaney wale hain'.

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