Modis Diwali Gift for Indians

November 05, 2015 | 03:53 PM | 2 Views

Modi as a gift for festive season on Thursday launched India’s first official gold coin, a gold monetization and a gold bond scheme.

Prioritizing gold as important for women he said, "Women usually don't own anything, house, car usually named after their husband or son, but Gold is a matter of their strength for them."

He had launched a Sovereign Gold Bond, Gold monetization scheme and Indian Gold coin. A scheme which offers same benefits as physical gold whose tenor is for a minimum of 8 years where we can quit from 5th year.

Indian gold coin is the first coin on which national emblem of Ashok Chakra engraved on one side and the face of Mahatma Gandhi on the other side.

Indian gold coin will be 24 karat purity and 999 fineness and will be hallmarked as per BIS standards.

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