PM Modi addresses a rally at Gorakhnath temple

July 22, 2016 | 01:57 PM | 19 Views

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday visited Goraknath  temple  in Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, and unveiled the statue of Avaidyanathji.

The PM while addressing a gathering at Goraknath temple  said, ”It’s my privilege that I had an opportunity to unveil the statue of Avaidyanathji who is an inspiration to all.”

”This land is special, be it Gautam Budhha, Mahavir or Kabir, they all have had an unbreakable bond with this land in some way or other. One’s who have had the opportunity to serve this land have always given their best, Mahant Avaidyanathji’s contribution to this is immense’’, he added.

Ahead of UP assembly elections next year, BJP has already started campaigning for the same. PM during his briefing,  also spoke about his association with Mahant Avaidyanath ji  by going back to the time when he was not in active politics”.Later in the day, PM Modi also laid a foundation stone of Gorakhpur Fertilizer Plant and AIIMS.

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