30 years later, a film of Bhopal tragedy

December 09, 2014 | 05:20 PM | 249 Views

It is 30 years since the greatest industrial tragedy of our times struck. The gas leak from Union Carbide plant on December 2 and 3, 1984 that killed around 2000 people instantly, left countless birds, stray dogs and cattle dead on the roads and left its disastrous imprint on generations to come, in their bodies, the polluted land, water and air, remains an unforgettable example of American corporate greed and Indian government�s shameful act of letting the culprits go scot free. A 1994 report of government-run Indian Council of Medical Research put the toll at 25,000. Yet the victims are yet to get their due. As the years go by the fight increasingly looks futile and the recent death of the former boss of Union Carbide only makes it worse. When Anderson died in a nursing home at the age of 96, on September 29, this year, some activists and survivors celebrated in Bhopal.

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