Manipuri woman alleges racism, harassment at Delhi airport

July 11, 2016 | 03:22 PM | 2 Views

A Manipuri woman has alleged racism and harassment at the Delhi airport by immigration officials.As per reports, Monika Khangembam was asked about her nationality by an officer at the immigration desk despite carrying a valid Indian passport.

Monika wrote on Facebook on July 9 that despite telling the official about her being India, the officer kept on asking questions about her nationality.

Monika wrote she felt ‘humiliated’ by the immigration officer's behaviour.“The officer looked at my passport and said you don’t look like an Indian,” Monika wrote on Facebook.

In fact, as per a report, the officer at the airport also asked the girl from the Northeast about the number of states in India and the number of states bordering her home state Manipur.

“I would like the authorities to take necessary action. I am planning to write to the Ministry of External Affairs about this,” Monika told.


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