Top Reason to Access Internet in India

April 14, 2016 | 03:00 PM | 4 Views

Online shopping is one of the top reasons for Indians to access internet, followed by social networking, according to a recent survey on consumer insights and online buying habits conducted by American Express and Nielsen.

The survey found that 98 percent of the top respondents voted online shopping as the top reason to access internet, followed by social networking (96 percent) and internet banking (95 percent). The survey titled "Understanding On-line Consumers" was conducted across six Indian cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Ahmedabad.

In addition, the average online monthly spend of Indians is estimated to be about Rs. 9,400, which may increase to Rs. 16,000 in the next few years. In the four metro cities, the average money spent online by a consumer every month stood at Rs. 10,900, while in other tier-I cities, it was about Rs. 8,000.

"Shopping has always been the favourite pastime for Indians and now it has become the virtual pastime," Manoj Adlakha, CEO, American Express Banking Corp India said.

Some of the respondents said the online shopping method gives consumers comfort of comparing prices at the click of a button. Some of the reasons for consumers preferring online shopping are cash-back offers (40 percent), discount (38 percent) and other additional offers (35 percent), report cited the survey as saying.

Indian women scored over their male counterparts in terms of using credit and debit cards.

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