Salman Khan Heroine hits out at Body Shamers

April 06, 2016 | 03:00 PM | 7 Views

Bollywood Actress Zarine Khan who was last seen in Hate Story 3 has lost oodles of weight in the past couple of years and recently shared a touching message on social media.

She shared a couple of her old pictures and spoke about how she never felt any lesser even when she was on the 'healthy' side. Here is what she posted.

"When I look at these pictures I feel proud of myself today not that I felt any lesser about myself back then. In spite of being so big I never let people's comments or ideas about me bother me because it is my life and my body and only I have the right to decide what I am gonna do with it. Then one day I decided let me try how it feels to be a little lighter and hence started my weight loss journey. It wasn't easy at all but every time I looked at the progress in the mirror i got the push to do more.

                         I had lots more energy than before and I was loving every bit of this new person I was transforming into. When I became a part of this industry, I had lost all my weight. In fact I was asked to put on weight for my first film to look the character. Unfortunately I was criticized to no end for my weight but again I never let that get to me. How could I? Those people had not seen me like the way I am in these pics here. And for me everything was just an achievement to reach from where I was to where I am.

I continued on my fitness journey irrespective because fitness for me is a way of life now. Along with the weight loss came a lot of stretch marks but instead of feeling ashamed of it and trying to hide it, I believe in flaunting it. It makes me feel like a tigress with her stripes. I have come a long way in this journey of fitness and I still have a long way to go. But it is always been only for myself and not because of people shaming me.#Mondaymotivation #saynotobodyshaming #loveyourself".

That’s truly an inspirational message for everyone. You go girl!

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