Compare me to Madonna, Not with Sunny

April 17, 2015 | 04:52 PM | 3460 Views

Bollywood Babe Rakhi Sawant is back with what she is best at creating controversies. Be it her outrageous appearances at various dos or lewd comments, the item girl has always managed to grab enough eyeballs. The lady is again in news for commenting on current reigning queen Sunny Leone. Rakhi, who was recently seen at an event for her upcoming film Jaan Bigdela, was compared to Sunny Leone by a media man, at the do. This apparently miffed Rakhi, who said, “First, why are we talking about Sunny Leone? We are doing a charity to her by paying her for covering herself. We cannot do more for her.” The blabbermouth continued, “Please don’t compare me to Sunny Leone. I have made a mark with my dancing not by doing adult films. You can compare me with Jennifer Lopez or Madonna, but not her.” Click next to know what else Rakhi had to say about the Baby Doll of Bollywood.

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