Hollywood Celebs With Indian Tattoos

September 08, 2015 | 01:58 PM | 7 Views

Following a fashion trend is spreading like jet speed now-a-days… whatever may be the fashion rule youngsters, teenagers and film stars do follow them. Fashion doesn’t have country; every country is famous with its own style. Indians follow other country fashion a lot… in the same way the Hollywood stars have tattooed some Hindi stickers on their bodies ….Have a look….

Miley Ray Cyrus:

Disney Channel Television series, Hannah Montanna fame the cute and sexy Miley Ray Cyrus has tattooed “OM” symbol on her wirst. Cyrus is not only an actress but also is an American Singer and Songwriter. Miley developed her image with the “EP The Time of Our Lives” which featured the successful track “Party in the U.S.A.”

Jessica Marie Alba:

The Fantastic Four renowned Sex Symbol Jessica has inked the word “Padma” on her wrist. Jessica Alba is an American actress, model and a businesswoman. Jessica was nominated as the “Sexiest Woman in the World“by Familial hemiplegic migraine (FHM).

Alyssa Milano:

American actress, producer and former Singer who is famous for her roles in the ABC sitcom “Who’s the Boss?” Alyssa Milano has got the tattoo “OM” on her back side of the neck. This is same as Miley’s, but artistically different.

Russell Brand and Kat Perry:

The American who converted to Hinduism Russell Edward Brand has joined in Hare Krishna Movement. Edward also married Kat Perry who is a winner of Guinness World Record, according to the Hindu rituals. ‘Anugachhatu Pravah’ meaning ‘Go with the flow’ was tattooed on his biceps.  

Kimberly Wyatt:

Kimberly Kaye Wyatt who won the 2015 UK series of Celebrity MasterChef has marked a famous Sanskrit Slokha “Loka samastha sukhino bhavantu” on the back of her neck which means “Let all the people in the world be happy.”

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