Iran, Angry over Kim for Nude Selfies

May 19, 2016 | 02:29 PM | 21 Views

Though she is one of the most popular reality stars, both on TV and social media, according to the Iranian Government, Kim Kardashian is working as a spy on behalf of Instagram.

          Government clerics claimed that the 35-year-old reality star uses the social media platform to encourage young people to shun conservative traditions and subvert Islamic values.

She is now an enemy to the land, where women are punished severely for not covering up, because of her naked selfie on Instagram.

Officials of the country's Revolutionary Guards Corp, an organisation set up to help protect the country's Islamic traditions and prevent foreign interference, have questioned the real reason for the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star's internet popularity.

According to Iran's moral cops, Instagram boss Kevin Systrom has hired the reality star to target "young people and women" to lead them astray.

"Ms Kim Kardashian is a popular fashion model so Instagram's CEO tells her, 'Make this (modelling) native'," said Mostafa Alizadeh, a spokesman for the militant group.

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