Vishal May Become BJP's Hero in Tamil Nadu?

March 15, 2016 | 11:52 AM | 36 Views

It's election time in Tamil Nadu and the political parties are looking for popular actors to add glitz to the campaign. The BJP, which is taking on titans like Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi at the hustings, does not have any film star worth the name on its side.

After unsuccessfully wooing Super Star Rajnikanth for long, the BJP seems to be trying now to rope in 'Crazy Hero' Vishal. Vishal's do-gooder roles on screen and recent service activities during the Chennai floods have endeared him to the people of Tamil Nadu. Also, he has shown his organisational abilities by trouncing a well-entrenched Sharat Kumar in the Tamil Nadigar Sangham elections.

BJP's Tamil Nadu incharge P Muralidhar Rao is reportedly trying to woo Vishal and is said to be using the good offices of the swashbuckling former cricketer Krishnamachary Srikkanth.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party national president Amit Shah would tour the state next month. Will Vishal turn saffron? Will he merely campaign for the party or go whole hog leading the campaign.

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