Mahesh Excited After Listening Script

September 03, 2015 | 10:26 AM | 37 Views
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Director koratala Shiva
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Srimanthudu starring Mahesh Babu is the most awaited prestigious films which will be released in another 10days directed by Koratala Shiva and Sruthi Hassan is the heroine. Koratala Shiva gave a standard dialogue in Mirchi and now once again proved his dialogue stamina with Srimanthudu witha new concept. This flick is getting released in Telugu and Tamil worldwide on August 7th. On this eve we had a small interview with Koratala Shiva and here is it for you.

What is Srimanthudu all about?

Srimanthudu is a commercial story which contains strong emotion. Harsha is a very rich person who has everything but lacks something which results in a journey. It is all about what the journey is and what he did in it. This is not a message oriented film but there is a message ibternally in the story which was picturized without directly givibg a message.

How did you start your journey for this film?

I have planned a film with Ram Charan after Mirchi but somehow we could not do it. Later this story came out as if it is for Mahesh Babu and he immediately agreed when I narrated to him during the shoot of Aagadu. Srimanthudu came to sets after it is completed. Though I could not do a film for two and half years Srimanthudu broke all that.

What strong does it has for Mahesh to say OK?

Mahesh liked the new concept presented in a commercial way. After listening to the whole story he got so excited as I films should have strong basic emotion. Even Mirchi has that and Srimanthudu will also get connected to the audience with that basic point.

Title is very soft, trailer is a mixture of class and mass. Is it a mass movie or a class movie?

I don't have a clarity on this class and mass as I don't believe in those. Srimanthudu is a movie for everyone which will impress both class and mass. The will be a strong concept which will be connecting to everyone.

Mahesh is taking care of his characterization from Khaleja and showing variation for every film. What's new with Mahesh in this film?

Being simple is his new aspect in Srimanthudu. A rich person being so simple is the new thought. As I told you this is a journey, he will be seen differently in each and every stage of his journey. May be he has not done this kind of character in his career till now. I did not see much of variation from Mahesh's real life. Though he is a super star he is so simple. The same way we will like this character too.

How is the experience working with Mahesh?

I feel it lucky to work with Mahesh as he is the hero of the directors. I dont have to tell him how to do a task as he does more than what we expect from him. He gives full freedom to the director and involves into the character. It is a wonderful experience.

Tell us about Sruthi Hassan.

She is a very dedicated artist. Her character in this film has importance as per the story.

She did well in the film and the chemistry between Mahesh and Sruthi was very interesting. The response for the pair in the trailers was awesome.

Even Mahesh parents are the stars. Did you purposefully plan huge cast like Jagapathi Babu and Sukanya as his parents?

All the required elements derived me to take them as the parents of Mahesh as the film need strong emotion, should suit the parents of a billionaire and everything. When I thought about all these I found Jagapathi Babu and Sukanya to be perfect. Their pair was too good in Peddarikam too.

Srimanthudu was said to be a family drama. How far is that true?

There is family drama in this film but not for the entire film. This is the journey of the hero. There is family drama, action, romance and a strong emotion in the film which comes all in the journey. There is an element which attracts everyone in the film.

Is the First copy of Srimanthudu ready?

It will be ready by tomorrow and we all are happy with the output. He complement me that it came out far better than how I narrated while dubbing the film. Hope the same word from the audience.

What are the major highlights of the film?

Story is the major highlight of the film and the emotion in it. Mahesh is the next main highlight. Situational songs, Mahesh-Sruthi chemistry, family emotion never seen before..everything will be interesting. On the whole everyone can enjoy the film.

What is your next project after Srimanthudu?

Not yet decided. Few stories and plans are ready but I can only think of them after releasing Srimanthudu.