Happy birthday to Legend Director Dasari

May 04, 2016 | 10:18 AM | 14 Views

Senior director, Darsakaratna Dasari Narayana Rao is role model for many directors and winnable in Tollywood. He is not only a director but also screen writer, producer, lyricist and actor. He is multi-faceted and surprised everyone in the Tollywood with his class apart films. Dasari has directed 150 films, he produced 53 films and he worked as screen writer for more than 250 films.

His first film Thatha Manavadu released in 1972, which was recently completed 44 years and celebrated very grandly. This film got Nandi Award in best feature film category. After this movie Dasari didn’t look back and audience habituated to dasari’s films. Big stars like NTR, ANR and Krishna evinced interest to work with Dasari. Dasari’s gripping screenplay, character treatment and his directorial skills loved by one and all.

In 1983, he directed ‘Meghasandesam’ which got critical acclaim and screened at Chicago, Moscow and Cannes film festivals. He received two National awards and five film fare awards.  

Today,(May 4th) he is celebrating his birthday and we at niharonline.com wish him Happy Birthday…!!!

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