Oh Goddess! Save Us from PUSHKARAKSHASAS

July 03, 2015 | 01:10 PM | 11 Views

Ryali, a remote village in East Godavary famous for temple of jaganmohini Kesavaswamy is now in troubled waters. Under the pretext of Road widing activities inview of ensuring pushkarams, departmental people started demolishing residential homes without any proper notice to the concerned. Despite the protests and pleas from the villagers, govt authorities are going ahead with a bulldozing attitude which is causing havoc and disturbing the normal peaceful life of the devotional abode, Ryali.

One aged resident of the village Smt Boda Kamalavathi while fighting tooth and nail to stall the unruly, destructive activity of the authorities,  repeatedly appealing to them that she herself cooperate in road wide affair if some breathing time is given.

The statement given by the revenue and R&B people in this regard are not true, and the same is condemned by the villagers. Lot of problems like sanction of funds and mainly the time factor in laying the roads which are already damaged by the R&B people is reckless and hasty manner. Anyway the unfortune villagers of Ryali praying their Jaganmohini KesavaSwamy as there is no one ready to come to their rescue in this regard.

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