Why did BJP Leaders Praised Naidu?

December 08, 2015 | 02:33 PM | 4 Views

Chandrababu Naidu invited the Parliamentary affairs minister Venkaiah Naidu and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari for the foundation ceremony of Kanakadurga Flyover on Saturday.

Where the two leaders took a chance and started praising Naidu regarding his works and efforts.

“He (Mr. Naidu) is good friend of National Democratic Alliance (NDA). He still maintains good relations with us,” said Nitin.

Venkaiah Naidu said,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi likes the chief minister to the core for his commitment to develop the State.”

This sudden change in their behavior is the result of Bihar elections. They are smoothly dealing with TDP because the TDP party is forcing centre to release funds useful for the development of the state.

The BJP leader also reminded the Telugu Desam forces that there were a few political parties which were eager to join hands with the BJP if former snapped its ties.

“They gave more than what I expected and was planning to ask,” said the Chief Minister.

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